SB ClearWater Scrubber CW-100

ClearWater Scrubber CW-300
  • ClearWater Scrubber CW-300
  • ClearWater Scrubber CW-300
  • ClearWater Scrubber CW-300

ClearWater Scrubber CW-100

  • Rated for 125-225 gallon tanks
  • SB Reef Lights FUGE LED Panels 
  • IP65 rated for water resistance
  • Dimensions 9”W x 12”L x 8 ½”T
  • Needs 300gph flow rate (Pump not included)
  • Optional black out covers available (Extra charge)
Scrubber Cover

 Important shipping notice!!  Our factory will be closed from 2/1/2019 through 2/13/2018. Orders made during this time for items not in stock in our California warehouse, will be shipped out on 2/15/2019 in the order they were placed.  Please anticipate delays and consider before ordering if timing is critical to your install.

Clearwater scrubbers ship direct from Clearwater so our factory shutdown has no impact.  Shipping as normal, typically with in 48 hours or less. 

SB Reef Lights and Clearwater Scrubbers have teamed up!  How do you maker the best Algae Turf Scrubber on the market even better?  Take the cheap "yard" lights other use and replace them with spectrum correct SB Reef Lights!  Using our proven Fuge spectrum to grow turf algae, takes ClearWater Scrubbers to the next level.

So why run a scrubber?  It is a more natural approach to nutrient export, that is also more efficient.  Most customers find they can remove their protein skimmer and do far fewer water changes, or even skip water changes altogether if dosing trace elements!  You will see a quick reduction in Nitrates, Phosphate, Iron and even Ammonia.

The "turf Mat" even grows pods.  When cleaning the screen, think about hanging it in the tank with veggie clips and let tangs much away while pods run for the rocks.  Additional screen units are available for those that want to alternate.

Once the screen is full, simply open the union and pull out the screen.  Scrape it off and re-seat it in the scrubber.  Connect the union and you're done!  So much better than cleaning a skimmer cup and wiping down the throat of a protein skimmer.  More efficient than a skimmer as well as running quieter while using less energy. And of course it doesn't stink up the house.

ClearWater Scrubbers come with a 1 year warranty on the lights and housing.

Price includes shipping to USA.  International orders email for shipping.

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