You just ordered and your excited to get that new piece of hardware over your tank.  We are just as excited! We will do our best to get your order out quickly.
So how long does it take to get my stuff?
      There are several factors that impact shipping times, most importantly demand.  We were expecting to sell between 40 and 50 lights a month when we launched.  We are averaging more than 5 times that.  We have added extra shifts at the factory to keep up.  However at times demand may delay shipment a couple days. For example right after Black Friday or before Christmas.  Tax Refund Season may also see a large increase in units sold.
     Normally orders ship out 2 to 4 days after order, at which point you will receive a tracking number through email, or a PAYPAL update.  At that point shipping normally takes 3 to 5 days more to your door.  So typical shipping times are 5 to 9 days from the date of order.  Seldom due lights take more than 1 week to leave the factory.
     Starting in February 2016, most models will be warehoused in the USA cutting shipping times almost in half.  1 to 2 days to get out of the warehouse then 2 to 3 days to your door.  Should we experience above normal demand and run out of stock stateside, lights will ship direct from the factory with times noted above.
*Retro Fit Upgrade PCB Boards are shipped by post to keep the cost down.  Typically they leave the factory 2 to 3 days after order, then take 10 days to arrive.  Most have arrived sooner, however we would rather over estimate.
If you have any questions regarding shipping of your order, feel free to contact us by the following methods.
Phone Number on the bottom of each web page
Message our Facebook Page
Email direct at
Message SB Reef Lights on

What about international shipping?
    Shipping is included at no additional charge to Canada, United Kingdom, most of the EU, Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, most of the Far East.  All international orders ship from the factory, times are noted above.  Other locations, please contact us for a rate.
Please note, for international shipping: We have no way to collect local taxes, duties, VAT or GST.  You will be responsible to pay when you sign for your light.
What do I do if the light comes in with damage from shipping?
     Contact DHL immediately and start a claim.  They just need your tracking number.  Keep all packaging.  Take pictures of everything you can.  Send claim number, picture and description to
     We will then send out needed replacement parts if minor with no cosmetic damage, for example a damaged control screen. This is quicker than sending a new unit. If there physical damage to the case or worse, we will send a replacement light right away and a return shipping label for the damaged unit.  If you are not comfortable swapping out parts, we will send a new light.  We just use the first option to speed things up and get you a working light over the tank. It is your choice. 
*We seldom have issues with DHL or UPS damaging items, however we want you to know the process should you experience one.