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2022 NEW!! NEMOLIGHT 12"

-Proprietary layout and reef spectrum.
-Better Coverage Area.
-4 independent channels .
-144w (48x3w diodes),more powerful.
-With mounting legs(adjustable), Hanging kit also included.
-Smart screen controller( ramp up & down ), remote included.
-Lamp Dimension: 12.4"x7.3"x1.3"

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New 12" Intelligent Reef Light Features

Sample,we built it with best reef spectrum,we use 420nm violet,400 UV,450nm royal blue,470nm blue,6500k white, 660nm red and 520nm green wavelength color.It can grow any corals, PAR rating can be 1180 at 12“ high, no problem for growing SPS at all.It can ramp up and down for doing sunrise sunset after custom settings.Light fixture comes with adjustable "L" bracket/mounting leg,also adjustable hanging kit included.One light can cover 24"x24" area,if you tank is 48", 2 of the lights would be perfect,and so on.Our light provides more PUR than any other brand light, while helping to provide coral coloration only possible with T5s before. 2 YEAR USA WARRANTY!