NAC 3.5

NAC 3.5
  • NAC 3.5

Bubble Magus NAC 3.5

Up to 80g tank

Needlewheel protein skimmer BM-NAC3.5 CONE SKIMMER
Capability : 100L-300L(25G-80G)
Pump power: 8W, 220V 50Hz /110V 60Hz
Air intake : 200L/H
Dimensions:115*170*435mm ( 4.5″ * 6.6″ * 17.1 “)
Cylinder: 4″
Water Level :8″-10″

USA sales only! Sorry can not ship internationally

*Free Coral View Glasses!

*Free shipping!!


Shipped direct from Bubble Magus in California.

*Note - Bubble Magus demands all vendors honor their MAP (Minimum Advertised Price)  If you see them listed for less than our price, the vendor is either not an authorized vendor, selling counterfeit products, or risking your warranty by selling for less.  However we do have a work around to provide additional value.  When you order a BM NAC 3.5 we will throw in free shipping AND Coral View Glasses! So we can't sell for less, but we can throw in free stuff!

Great value skimmer with high end quality and features.  Run these head to head with Bubble King or Vertex.  

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