sKone Pro Skimmer

sKone Pro Protein Skimmer
  • sKone Pro Protein Skimmer

sKone Pro Protein Skimmer:

  • Rated to a 120g Reef Tank / 160g FOWLR
  • Quiet One 1200 pump - Air intake 500l/h
  • 8x6.5" Foot print, 19" tall
  • USA made pumps
  • Includes shipping to Continental USA only.       (AK, HA and PR email for shipping)
  • No international shipping yet.
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So we decided to make protein skimmers now.  There's lots of skimmers on the market with lots of bells and whistles, so what makes SBRL sKones different? Well, we took our typical budget oriented approach.  First adding features that provide performance, then skipping features that are simply not needed,or that provide very minimal performance gains for high increased expense.  This is an area lots of manufactures spend a lot of time spinning the next best thing.  Cones, curves, double curves, eddy plates etc.  The reality is skimmer performance is based on chamber volume, dwell time and bubble count and bubble diameter.  It's that simple.  You want smaller bubbles, more of them, then keep them in the chamber longer. Lets look at each feature one at a time.  They are the same for all 5 models.

1. The body.  While many skimmers now use all cone, curve or even double curve, we use a straight cylinder with a cone top.  Why?  By having a straight cylinder base, we have more volume than a straight cone or curve design.  A curved throat area does help the foam column climb more efficiently, however you can achieve this with a much shorter cone area than all cone or curve units use.  This means although they look slim and sexy, they are simply not as efficient based on water volume.  A straight cylinder body with out a cone top is also not as efficient as the foam column has a harder time getting through the first reduction in diameter.  We use only heavy duty cell cast acrylic.

2.  The pump.  We use only USA made pumps with needle wheel impellers.  We use Lifegard Quiet One pumps.  Plenty of power, quiet and small foot print.  Leaves more water volume in the chamber.  Most importantly, the pumps are on most LFS shelves.  meaning is the unit is out of warranty and you need a new pump, you can get it from us at cost, however if in a hurry, you can pick one up at your LFS and be in business in minutes.  Compare that to ordering a replacement SICCE, ROCK, Jebao or other replacement pump with other brands.  You might be out of commission for a week or more.  The reality is most pumps will do a good enough job combined with a quality venturi inductor.  Why do we not use a DC pump?  Form personal experience we have not found a DC pump that will hold up to the rigors of a protein skimmer long term.

3. Collection Cup.  Easy to remove with strong o-ring seal.  Large capacity to allow more time in between cleaning. Convenient drain plug for hook up to a remote skimate locker.

4. Silencer.  Sucking in this much air can make some noise, our air intake muffler will keep her running smooth and silent with out restricting CFM.

5. Adjustment valve.  Vertical adjustment valve allows for fine tuning.  If you have ever used a typical skimmer with a 45* cut PCV pipe for adjustment you know how finicky they are.  You tend to over steer several times before finding the sweet spot, if you ever do.  We make it simple. Fine tooth threading so you can make small adjustments with ease.

6. Sexy Design. Yes black acrylic cost a tiny bit more than white, however the look is worth it.  Black will show less dirt and algae, and looks more professional.  Nothing like posting pics of your clean, tidy sump area with skimate stains on your white skimmer lid and body.

So put simply, our skimmers get the job done as well as any other skimmer, with out making you pay for features that are just not needed or provide little benefit.

All skimmer pricing includes shipping from our Pensacola, Florida location, to the continental USA only.  Sorry, we do not ship skimmers internationally at this time.

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