sView - Coral View Glasses

sView - Coral View Glasses
  • sView - Coral View Glasses
  • sView - Coral View Glasses

Finally see corals like you are meant to!

  • The human eye saturates with blue light at a low level.  Coral Glasses filter out blue light.
  • Cameras / phones are not calibrated to take pictures with heavy blue spectrum, pictures are washed out.
  • They look cool and chicks dig them, wear them to the mall
  • Price includes shipping to USA, overseas buyers contact us for rates.

By filtering out blue light, these glasses allow you to the your coral's real colors.  They also allow your phone to take great realistic pictures.  Simply hold one lens of the glasses over your camera lens and turn ISO (Brightness) almost all the way down.  Then click your pic.

Great for frag swaps to see the potential of new frags.  I have often identified what looks to be a boring brownish frag as a future ultra coral by seeing the true colors.  With some time cooking under the right lights, they color changes and BAM, you have a nice coral you got cheap because it was browned out.

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