ULTRA Connecting Bars

ULTRA Connecting Bars
  • ULTRA Connecting Bars

Connecting bars that allow you to connect ULTRA lights together.

  • -Use the outside legs only for a cleaner install.
  • -Bars can connect 2*10" or 2*22" Ultra
  • -Bars can't connect 2*34" or 2*45 or 2 Ultra 57" Ultra,because they are too heavy
  • -Can be used when hanging multiple lights (No limit) so they all hang perfectly straight


Price includes shipping with current order, as we will simply place them in your ULTRA box. Simply add to your cart as long as there is at least one ULTRA already in it.

If you are adding these after receiving your ULTRAs, contact us for shipping cost. For USA it will be $7.00 for Priority mail. International may vary. We will send you a direct invoice for payment.

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