sPAR38 - Actinic

sPAR38 - Reef
  • sPAR38 - Reef
  • sPAR38 - Reef
  • sPAR38 - Reef

sPAR38 - Reef:

  • 36w Rated - (12x 3w Epistar Diodes) 150w equivalent
  • SB Reef Lights Actinic Spectrum and Layout.
  • 8x450nm Royal Blue + 4x 420nm Violet
  • Includes heavy duty goose neck with on/off switch.
  • Will easily cover up to an 12g Nano Reef.  (12x12x18) For larger Nanos use 2, or our Sprite Models.
sPar Bulb / Goose Neck

Note:  sPar38 lights ship to the USA only!  Due to shipping costs we can not offer international shipping on sPar38 lights.

Most Par bulbs you find on Amazon, Ebay or even our competitors, simply use 6700K Whites and 460nm Blues.  We have taken our SB Reef  Lights proven spectrum and put it into a PAR 38 Reef bulb.  Crisp 14K whites, 450nm Royal Blue for great coral pop an growth, 420nm for color development and additional pop, just enough 660nm red for growth with out encouraging algae, and one 520nm green for aesthetics. With 12 3w diodes it is powerful for such a small package.  

But wait there's more... This Actinic version of our sPar38 has 8x450nm Royal Blue and 4x 420nm Violet for intense coral growth and glow.  Makes a great compliment to our sPar38 Reef, but also T5 and Halide systems.

The included goose neck is heavy duty with a built in on off switch.  Short enough to not be in the way, yet long enough to get the light high enough for good spread and color blend.  

Bulb is rated for 50,000 to 100,000 hours of use, so 5+ years with normal use.  Large heat sink with convection fins for cooler operation and longer life.

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