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sBox Sprite Fuge
  • sBox Sprite Fuge
  • sBox Sprite Fuge
  • sBox Sprite Fuge

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sBox Sprite Fuge Nano:  

  • SB Reef Lights Proprietary Fuge layout and spectrum
  • Upgraded fan
  • 84w (28x3w diodes) make this the most power nano light you can get
  • 2 channel 
  • Dual dimmer knobs
  • Adjustable black acrylic legs fit 6.5" to 20.5" tanks, Now 2 inches taller
  • Dual power cords so you can run dual wall timers
  • Hanging Kit included
  • 2 Year Warranty
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Tired of using cheap PAR38 bulbs from the hardware store with mediocre results?  This may be a small package, but with 84w it's a power house.  For comparison, most reefers use a 24w (120w equivalent) PAR38 bulb with a 5000K Spectrum.  Decent, but not even in the same league as the sBox Sprite Fuge.  With over 4 times the power of a typical Par38 bulb the Sprite will grow Chaeto, decorative Macros, or even cook biscuits.  However power alone is not enough, you need to hit the right wavelengths.  5000K bulbs waste a ton of energy in wavelengths that do nothing for your algae.  We hit the wavelengths that matter for macro algae, 420nm, 450nm and 660nm.  

Great for tradition fuges, with convenient mounting legs, or use with out and tap into the threaded holes with DIY brackets for a turbo charged Algae Turf Scrubber! Includes a hanging kit for larger fuges.

More power means faster growth.  Faster growth means more nutrient export.  Ask us how we went 18 months with out a water change on our 265g reef running a large fuge with the Sprite prototype. Nitrates never rose over 5ppm, Phosphates always 0.02ppm or less.  We are running a pair on the new 560g display.

Note, dual power cords so you can run wall timers on each channel for staggered power levels.

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