• ULTRA 22"
  • ULTRA 22"
  • ULTRA 22"
  • ULTRA 22"
  • ULTRA 22"
  • ULTRA 22"

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ULTRA 22 Reef LED Light

  • SB Reef Lights Premier Reef LED Light
  • Tweaked SB Reef Lights Spectrum
  • Cree, Osram and Epistar Diodes
  • Passive Cooling
  • Remote WiFi Power Pack
  • Sleek, Clean, Sexy
  • Upgraded hanging kit and mounting legs!
  • 4 Channel control - Grow, Shine, UV, Warmth
  • Longer cords. 6 foot wall to Remote Power Pack, 8 foot Power Pack to light.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Optional Connecting Bars
ULTRA Anodizing Color
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Reef lights seem to either have only 2 channels of control, or way too many.  Google issues with any high end LED and the #1 issue is..."How do I set my channels".  At SB Reef Lights we strive to make things not only easy, but effective.  In our sBox lights we carefully pick the diode ratio to make 2 channel tuning easy.  However some want a little more control, so we came through.  While still keeping the highly praised and proven SBRL spectrum, we now give you the ability to adjust aethestics to suit your like while not affecting growth or color development.

4 Channel control - Grow, Shine, UV, Warmth

1. Dial in Growth 1st.  This is your Blue channel (420nm, 450nm, 395nm) Typically run 12 hours a day with a 3 hour ramp

2. Next bring up the shine. A blue biased white channel to assist with growth (20K, 10K, 495nm) Typically run 8 hours a day with a 3 hour ramp

3. Bring up the UV to bring out crazy colors, especially in SPS. Also doubles as a very intense moon light channel. Typically run 14 hours a day. with a 1 hour ramp

4. Finally adjust the Warmth channel to suit your aesthetics choice.  Like the old knob on your TV.  Use it to bring out flesh tones on corals under white light. Ever hear someone say, "That light is too blue"?  Or too purple, not blue enough? Washed out?  Too yellow.  This one channel fixes all of that to your personal preference.

48 set points per day with 4 channels per event for 192 total inputs for a very smooth ramping effect.  Both IOS and Android compatible.  Control up to 16 lights simultaneously using a simple $20 router off AMAZON.  Select which lights you want to program or manually control.

Tank coverage based on ULTRA model
ULTRA 10 - 14" ideal covers up to 18" length.  Max tank size (LxDxH) 18x16x30"
ULTRA 22 - 24" ideal covers up to 32" length.  Max tank size (LxDxH) 32x24x30"
ULTRA 34 - 36" ideal covers up to 42" length.  Max tank size (LxDxH) 42x24x30"
ULTRA 45 - 48" ideal covers up to 60" length.  Max tank size (LxDxH) 60x24x30"

Sample Ramping Program.  Download excel calculator below.  Please note all suggested levels are from current owners and full liability for results is solely the responsibility of the lights owner.  SB Reef Lights is not liable for any results of a customer using too high or too low intensity settings for their current reef tank set up.  Every tank is different based on depth, coral type and coral placement, as well as turbidity and nutrient levels.  Sample program and excel calculator may not be plug and play for your reef set up.

Down Load Excel Calculator Here:  Excel Ramping Calculator



Wifi instructions.  Similar to the sBox version, however ULTRA is 4 channel.

Connecting Bars are now available!

Connect up to three 10" or 22", or up to two 34 or 45" lights.  This allows you to use the outer legs for mounting with out worrying about center braces or spanning a rimless tank.  They can also be used in hanging applications to keep all lights straight and even (No limit to number).  Make sure to include with your order!!  Only $19.95 per set shipped with any ULTRA order.  Select from the main menu under "ULTRA Lights"

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