sBar 24

sBar 24
  • sBar 24
  • sBar 24
  • sBar 24
  • sBar 24
  • sBar 24
  • sBar 24

sBar Supplemental Actinic Bar Light - NOW DIMMABLE!!

  • 24", 36", 48", 60" and 72" sizes
  • Cree 450nm Royal Blue, Epistar 420nm Violet. 
  • 3x 450nm Royal Blue to each 1x 420nm Violet
  • Water resistant case, external power supply.
  • HUGE heat thick heat sink
  • Comes with sliding, swivel hardware install into canopies or directly to Halide/T5 fixtures.
  • Dimmer knob to match your current light output
Actinic or 50/50?
  • Actinic
  • 50/50

sBars are now shipping with dimmers!!  Please allow up to an additional week for shipping due to high demand.

Price included shipping to USA, UK, EU, Mexico, Canada, Australia and most other International customers.  

So we didn't want to make just another bar light.  Since this was a new design from the ground up, wanted to make it very heavy duty to take the abuse of moving from frag show to frag show for vendors, or to last in the high humidity zone under canopies.  We made the casing sealed so it is very water resistant.  We even made an external power supply so if it does take a swim, there is a chance you can dry it out and it will still work.  Not to mention the safety of lower voltage in the tank.  

Yes our units have Cree 450nm Royal Blue diodes. We also use Epistar 420nm Violet diodes. The ratio is 3 Royal Blue to each 420nm white.  This provides a great aesthetic with some pop for corals.  The Cree 450nm XPE is the brightest Royal Blue diode on the market.

The Actinic works great with our 50/50 bar for fish only tanks or reef tanks with easy to keep corals.  Add another sBar for harder to keep corals.. However it's real success is as a supplemental light to Metal Halide or T5 systems to get better growth Color Development and coral pop.  You just can't get that glow from Halide or T5.  Not to mention the extra 450nm and 420nm will help growth and color development.

Compare our sBar to other supplemental bars on the market and the output is not even close!  We use the term supplemental loosely.  Where other bars simply add some "Pop", our bars provide serious PAR levels, plus the 420nm wavelength for color development.

Units have sliding swivel mounts for almost endless mounting combinations.

24" - 54W

36" - 81W

48" - 108W

60" - 135W

72" - 162W

Comes with the standard SB Reef Lights 2 year warranty!